How to Bypass Complexity Limit: 5M - 60s Reset

Hi everyone,

Where I work, we’ve been using Monday to manage our projects, but we’re encountering a recurring issue with the complexity limit of 5M. We have approximately 40 boards containing thousends of items and subitems, and as we’re in the process of setting up a data warehouse, we find ourselves needing to query the entire information regularly throughout the day. However, every time we make these queries, we encounter an error stating that the complexity budget is exhausted, and we have to wait for a 60-second reset.

We’ve tried several approaches to address this issue, including making the queries more efficiently and experimenting with, but the problem persists. Waiting for the reset is not a desirable solution for us.

So, my question to the community is: Is there a way to bypass the complexity budget? Perhaps by creating different apps and querying through them? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


The only way to increase your complexity limit, hypothetically, is with multiple apps. There is no way to bypass it. One thing to know is that the user API tokens, have a limit of 10M (shared by all users) so if you’re not using that set of tokens you can at least yes those to mitigate it some. Assuming this is a private application.

One optimization you can make though when querying, is ensure your items_page is filtering last updated since x so that you minimize the number of items you need to process. No point querying everything if it hasnt changed. You will just need to set up something like “when update created, set date to today (including time)” and update a column to know if you have new updates to archive since creating updates doesn’t change the last updated value.

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