How to check if all people in a column are in another (mirrored) people column

In other words…How do I check if every word in a cell is in another cell, regardless of word order?

Hi, have a complex logistic workflow for a cycling team.
There is a a board with each race as an item and all the riders/staff that will take part to a race in multiple people column. I merged tohse columns toghether with a CONCATENATE formula.

I use another board to manage flights tickets and other travel types. I have a people column {Traveler} for every person that will travel with that flight or vehicle.

I want to be sure that ALL the users in that people column (more than one) are in the people column on the other board (that I mirrored here).

By now i got it with this expression: SEARCH({Traveler#Names},{Attendees})
But it doesn’t work when there are more than one travelers.

Any suggestions?

Hi Dennis,

As far as I am aware, you can’t sort the persons in a people column (either in the settings of the column or by using a function of the formula column). If it were possible, then you could do IF({Traveler#Names}={Attendees},“Match”,“No Match”). Without it, comparing"Person1,Person2" with “Person2,Person1” will not give you a match.

The Advanced Formula Booster (which is a 3rd party app) does sort the persons automatically, so it is really easy to compare 2 people columns.

Thanks Gilles.
I downloaded the App but the formula you mentioned doesn’t work.
Could you explain me how to compare those 2 people column?

Certainly! It seems the provided formula may not be suitable for your situation. Please provide more details or context, and I’ll be happy to help you craft a formula for comparing the two people columns.Fm Whatsapp

Hi Dennis,

In the App Center, in the left pane at the bottom, click Support then click the Go to Ticket Center button and open a ticket (you’ll be prompted to select the formula you created) and I’ll be able to help you while looking at your syntax.