How to deploy a app that has both a UI (react) and a backend (express)?

My project needs both a UI (with React) and an API (with express), but under one Monday app.

I have kind of a monorepo where I have ui/ and api/ dirs at the root of the repo, and then each of these two are separate projects with their own package.json, node_modules, etc. I don’t want to spend days/weeks trying to setup a proper monorepo for now: it’s too time consuming for an MVP.

How does that work with Monday code? Can it host/serve both an API and a UI withing a single Monday app?

Can you successfully build and host this in a single website/webapp locally?

If so, you can deploy that somewhere (including on monday code). If not, then that’s your first step to achieving a deployable app.

I could either do some post-build operations to serve the static React app from a static assets dir on the express server, thus having only one webserver, the api at /api and the React UI at /ui or maybe even /. Is that what you meant?