How to export board with image?


How can I export items with an image? The file column only provides a link in Excel.

Regards, Jasper

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Hey Jasper,

Images from the Files column will currently be exported as hyperlinks - as you have experienced… In order to download the actual image, you will need access to the board, and either download each file individually, or use the bulk download via zip option in the Files View:

image - 2023-08-23T140122.730

Sorry for any inconveniences here!

Thank you for your reply. But it would be nice to have files/images also exported. So we can use it as a list to our clients/customers. Or use this lists to check it the items/objects are present, with images this would be much easier.

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I hear where you’re coming from! Please feel free to add his as a feature request to increase visibility and votes :pray:

I made a feature request

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Hi @Jappa

I’m not sure if our app Board to Website Widget is a viable option, but it basically does what you were requesting. Easily export/publish your board including all images and other files attached to it. You can further adjust the overall look and feel, and either embed the exported board into a website or share it with a link.

Feel free to take a look at our demos, and see if it matches your use case. Let me know if you have questions.

– Markus

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