Exporting Files to Excel

Hi! I’m trying to figure out a work around the fact that there is no “Image” column yet.

Right now I am uploading the images into a file column, but I need those images to appear when I export the board and unfortunately when I export to excel the image only appears as a link in the excel workbook. Any suggestions for a work around?


Hey @staceyceleste! Welcome to the community!

At the moment there’s no way to export the board including the images to Excel. Can I ask why you were looking to do this?

I’d love to see if I can offer suggestions for a workaround!

Hi @TRB-monday.com, thanks!

I am looking to do this because I am currently using our board as a short of style line sheet (apparel company) and it is easier for people to refer to styles with a picture. So we would like to be able to export this board with photos for easy reference.