How to fetch data from a cell

Hi guys, I need you to direct me to some quary or link to doc of how to fetch data from a cell, Ive got a monday board and need using Fetch/Axios to get data of some cell given another cell.
How can I do it in the best way?

In the past I used
let query = {items_by_column_values(board_id: XXXXX, column_id: "text", column_value: "${user.app_id}") { column_values(ids: [pm]) { text } } };

Now its not working anymore and I need another solution.

@idoya you’re using an old version of the api which no longer works.

You need to replace items_by_column_values with items_page_by_column_values.

The newer query syntax is something like this:

    board_id: "XXXXX", 
    columns: {
      column_id: "text"
      column_values: "${user.app_id}"
  ) { 
    items  {
      column_values (ids:[ "yyy"]) {

Have a go in the API Playground before you update your code.

Thank you @dvdsmpsn for the help here!

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