How to formulate data based on mirror columns

Hi everyone!

I want to populate data for a chart view on a board based off of a mirror column except I don’t see any way to do that. I was wondering if anyone knows a workaround or if there is an app that can help and allow for data to be populated based off mirror columns? Or if there is an app that allows for items to be linked so that the information can be logged on the item without using a mirror column, without having to input the information twice?

Hey Rachel! What type of column is being mirrored? For example, is it a Status, Date, or another column type?

I’d love to get a better idea of your current set up to see if there’s any workarounds for what you’re needing :slight_smile:

It is our sales activities board in the CRM. We are mirroring a status column from our source item column.

Got it! In the Chart Widget settings, you should see the option to select a Mirror Column for the X Axis:

To confirm, is this “Market Type” column not showing as an option when you try this?

It does! I completely missed that! Thank you so much!

You’re welcome! Glad that works for what you need :slight_smile: