How to give dropdown an empty field on API request?


I’m trying to make data migration from make to monday.

When I’m using monday API with

I can’t send empty fields for dropdowns. Although I have only empty fields in my data.

How can I send empty field on API requests for dropdowns types?

Hello there @onurbolaca,

I just found a way to do this:

I hope that helps!


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When using the Monday API to create or update items, you cannot send empty fields for dropdown types. If you have data that contains empty fields for dropdown columns, you will need to handle this in your data migration script.

Here are a few options to consider:

  1. You can set a default value for the dropdown column in your Monday board. This way, when a value is not provided in your API request, the default value will be used instead.

  2. You can use an “other” or “none” option in your dropdown column, and use that option to represent empty fields in your data.

  3. You can use a different column type, such as a single line text, that can handle empty values.

  4. You can add a condition in your script to check if the value is empty and then send a specific value that can be handled by Monday API.

The best approach will depend on the specifics of your data and how you want to handle empty fields in your Monday board.

Also, it’s important to check the Monday API documentation for any updates or new functionality that might have been added to handle empty fields, as the API updates could have added a new feature to handle this.

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Thank you for your helpful contribution @tyler1! :slight_smile: