How to make timeline column "shrink" as weeks go by

Hi :wave:

So I use a timeline column to visualize my team’s workload. Let’s say I’ve got 5 team members working on a 500h project that’s due in 5 weeks, that’s 20h/week for each team member. My workload view actually does that calculation for me. It takes my timeline column (5 weeks) and my total hours (500h), divides that workload between the 5 team members and represents that visually. That’s great!

What I want to do is to have an automation that will substract one week from my project timeline, every time we finish a work week so that my workload view considers the remaining weeks to finish the project and not the planned weeks.

Let’s say team member 1 has 20h/week planned for 5 weeks. If that team member only works 5 hours on the project for week 1, he then has a surplus of 15 hours to spread across the 4 remaining weeks to complete the project. His workload then increases to 23,75h/week for the remaining 4 weeks. I think the only way to do that automatically would have to be by having an automation on my timeline column.

I’ve found a way to push the start of my timeline by one week every time we finish a work week, but that also pushes the end of my timeline. I would like my timeline to “shrink” automatically. So every time a work week is completed, it would shrink by 7 days. So at the beginning of the project, my timeline would be 5 weeks long, then, 7 days after, it’d be 4 weeks long, etc.

Thank you :blush: