Shifting Timeline Automatically in Response to Status Change

I am looking to create an automation that automatically shifts a given timeline when a status is changed.

Let’s say there is a Job that was created and was estimated to take 2 weeks, running from Sept 1 - 14. The Job isn’t started until Sept 6th, and on that day the Status is changed to Work in Progress. I want the timeline to then automatically shift to Sept 6th as the new starting day.

Because each Job is going to have a different estimated timeline, I don’t see a way to use the Set Relative Timeline app as that requires the same duration to be applied to all items.

bumping this thread, should be the same as the date column push feature only it’ll effect the end and start date

When I try to create an animation using “push date” it does not give me the timeline column as an option to choose.

Yup, it’s not currently possible.

This would be great to have. I want to push the end date of my planned timelines if the end date has arrived and the status is still not marked as done.

Bringing this into 2023, would love this feature.