Automatically push a timeline column

I need a timeline column to change every day, so that the timeline start date is today, and the timeline end date is X days from today. In other words, is there a way to schedule such actions without a particular trigger like status chage etc.?

Thank you!

Hi Max,


First, create a date column. Let’s call it “Timeline Pusher”. You need to configure two automations:

  1. Go to the automations center and select “Adjust this date to reflect the changes made in this other date of the same item”. Set this date as your Timeline and this other date as Timeline Pusher.
  2. Now create a custom automation:
    1 day after Timeline start date arrives (at 5am let’s say)
Set Timeline Pusher to today
And then push Timeline Pusher by 1 day
And then clear Timeline Pusher

So what has this done?

Basically, we are using the Timeline Pusher to move the Timeline forward by 1 day every day at 5am.

Does that work?

Hello Francis,

Could you help me on how to push the timeline when a specific status change? (obs.: I set the timelines as estimated timeframes, and would like to see as an actual schedule when the status trigger is in).

Thank you,