Create automation that starts timeline whenever a status is changed

I am trying to create automation that will automatically start keeping track of time for when an item is created until the status changes. I like the timeline function because it shows a color scale and helps reps keep track.

Ideally, once a status has changed, the timeline will show an end timeline 2 weeks after status change.

Currently, the only way I am able to activate the timeline is manually setting dates.

Hey Madeline!

While this isn’t exactly possible the way you described, you could flip the order of the automation around and set up something like “when Timeline start date arrives, ___” and “when Timeline end date arrives”.

Alternatively, to set up the flow you’re looking for, you could use a Time Tracking column in conjunction with (or instead of) the Timeline Column:

What do you think of either of these ideas? Let me know your thoughts and we can go from there! :blush:

hi @mrichelieu

Looks like the app Set Relative Timeline does what you want. See below custom automation that can be created after the marketplace app is installed