How to receive item ids in the same order the way they are in Monday?

I have 10 items in Monday in format lets say 1,2,3,…8,9,10

When i get all items from Monday, I receive them in a random format. For Eg 2,4,9,…3,5,1
How to get the items in the same format that are visible on Monday?

What i am trying to build is below -
I want to get the last item from Board, than i want to add the date by “+1.”

hi @jayesh_da

The API will not return in the same order that is visible on the board, as this order can be changed by dropping and dragging. The last item on the board (the last one the is created, not per definition the lowest visible in the view) has the highest itemId.

Hope that helps.

Hey @basdebruin ,

Thanks for replying. I think i found another solution which i am unable to test it.

My solution is along with id also retrieve date. Than with Javascript find the latest date and than find the id. I tried to add column in my query which you can check below

But i am getting error below is the screenshot

Is it possible?

hi @jayesh_da

That is possible but you need to query deeper, like:

  items_by_multiple_column_values(board_id: 123456789, column_id: id_of_column_to_search_in, column_values: "Microsoft") {
    column_values(ids: "id_of_your_date_column") {