How to see forecasted time vs actual time for all projects/boards in workspace?

I need to see forecasted time vs actual time at a glance throughout the month for all boards. Essentially I want to see a list of all projects and what time has been tracked vs what is forecasted. Is there a way to do this?

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Hi there,

  1. Make sure all your projects are organized

  2. You can create custom columns by clicking on the “+” button in the top right corner of the board, selecting “Column Center,” and then adding two numeric columns with appropriate titles such as columns"Actual Time Tracked" and “Forecasted Time.”

  3. For each project/task, track the actual time spent on it using the “Actual Time Tracked” column. This can be done manually or using any time tracking integrations available on

  4. Add their forecasted time or estimated time for completing the tasks in the “Forecasted Time” column.

  5. You can create a dashboard to view the summarized information at a glance.

  6. In the dashboard, you can add widgets like Progress bar widget,Table widget,Chart widget

  7. Once the dashboard is set up everyone can have a clear view of the forecasted vs. actual time for all projects throughout the month.

Hope its helpful to You.

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