How to set an Item's value based on a call to an external custom API?

How do we set the value of an Item’s column to a computed value coming from an external custom API?

We have a column called “Number of People” in our board that accepts quantity (1…10). What we need is to retrieve the price of a tour depending on quantity inputted in the “Number of People” column. The price is computed by an external API. We want to pass “Number of People” as a parameter to our external API and save the returned value to another Monday column in our board.

What Monday features can I use to do the above?

We’re evaluating if we can use Monday for our front-line staff and integrate it to our back-end system.

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You can query for the information inside a numbers column using our API directly (docs here) with a query like this one:

query {
  items (ids:[1234567890]) {
    column_values {
      ... on NumbersValue {

Then you can take the response and use your script to send it to a different platform.

If you want, you can involve a custom app (docs here) where you can create a Workflow feature to let the users of your account add recipes (integrations) to the boards and even select which column they want your script to use.

You might want to check in the sent docs, the articles about integrations and custom actions which might be of interest for what you want to do.

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Hey Matias,
Been searching the internet for days, and my top search results is a 2 year old post in this community which when clicked, unfortunately led me to deadlinks to the old Monday API documentation.

Your response is what I need. Thank you for sharing the links to the API!
I’ll take it for a spin today and will feedback.


Happy to help @Kodfaristo :grin:


Hi Matias,
Trying to understand the sample Query above.
I’ve checked the API guide about this Query and the ids parameter says “A list of items unique identifiers.” Which identifiers?

Is this a board ID plus Column ID combination?
Also, I can see the board ID from the UI, but where can we find the column ID?
Thank you!

Found it already. Have to open the item to see the Item ID

That’s the method I found from this post:

I’m now getting the right results intended :+1: :smiley:


That is great news @Kodfaristo !