Custom payload for webhook

Hey there,

I have linked a webhook that send the payload when column A changes it’s value to “Approved”.

However, currently sends the payload with only column A information

When this event occurs, I would like the information of Column B,C and D as well. Is this possible?


Hi @durr

Welcome to the community. You can’t change the payload a webhook sends to your app. If you need information from other columns tou have to query the item. You gor the itemId in the payload so you have enough info to query the item.

Hi Bas,

Thanks for replying. I’m not quite sure I follow.

My Monday board is structured like so :

Name Price Status
A 8 Under Review
B 9 Under Review
C 10 Under Review

There is a webhook configured which fires off when the Status changes to “Approved” so if the board changes to :

Name Price Status
A 8 Approved
B 9 Under Review
C 10 Under Review

then we receive information to our URL. However the information only tells us that status changed from “Under Review” to “Approved”.

I am trying to get the Name and Price as well. Could you assist me or let me know what you mean by querying the item as I’m not quite sure how to proceed

Thanks in advance!

You need to make a call to the API. How that would look like depends on the environmet you are using, like Make, NodeJS, cURL etc.

I recommend to study Introduction to monday apps first.

Just replying to this in case anyone else runs into the same problem

We created a column that made use of “General Caster” which concatenated all the fields whose information we required into a new column.

Every time this column changed we would get a webhook