Add data to webhook payload

Hello everyone,
I’m working with the create item webhook and part of the payload is the “columnValues” object which is structured with the column id as the key and the value is differ between the columns types.
my question is if there is a way I can control somehow the payload, more specifically I would like to get the column’s title rather than getting the id, maybe also getting the text value rather than writing conditions for fetching the values.
At the moment to suit my needs I need to query the API again after the server received the payload from the webhook to fill those gaps which feels very inefficient.


What you have described is exactly the way that it is done. Basically, you can think of the webhook as a notification of an event, not really a supplier of information… It would be nice if we could make it include additional data. But is not currently the way it is designed.

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Thank you very much for your reply.

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Another voice for including data about the event beyond just the IDs. Data like the Board Name alongside the ID, or the Event User Name alongside the UserID would allow for faster development of integrations without the need to send API calls back to Monday to get this data.

Not all platforms play nice with GraphQL, it can be a real pain in the neck to get basic data about an event.