How to share Folders

I use a lot of folders which have documents in them.

Is there any way to share folders? All I can see is a way to share each document, which is time consuming and more importantly the file structure is lost.

One workaround I thought was to add a user to " Invite to monday Work OS" But I have multiple “workspaces” so it added the to the main workspace but not the one I wanted to add them to.

Is there some way to manage sharing better than just sharing individual documents? I know I can share board but I really need to share folders so I can retain the file structure for the user on multiple workspaces

Hey there!

Beyond inviting the people to the individual documents, you can invite them to the individual Workspaces but not specific folders.

Instead of clicking “Invite to monday Work OS”, go to the Workspace you want to add them to, and click “Members”:

Let me know if this helps!

Actually It doesn’t help that much. While the permission capabilities are using on a workspace level, if I want to share with a user access to a specific folder she needs to go through, I cannot.

Could we please create a feature request for this to happen? tks

If you’d like to share documents as read-only (and not for collaborative editing), you may want to check out Sundae for Monday - an app that lets you publish your docs as public facing websites - wikis, help centers, reporting for customers and more.