How can I share my monday documents with clients who are not using the monday platform?

I need to share some docs created within monday with clients that don’t use monday.
What is the best way to do so?

Thanks in advance!


Hey Amit!

I suppose you know about inviting guests to your account and that you would like to be able to publish docs externally. Monday does provide an option to share a doc (not in all plans) via link or to export it to PDF but these options don’t work very well and are not suited for all use cases. Particularly if you’d like to share multiple docs or have a slightly different look and feel to them.

We had the same issue, wanting to share monday docs outside of the platform, so we developed a new app designed to transform your monday docs into sleek, professional websites that your customers (and the public) can access with ease - we call it Sundae for monday :shaved_ice: and you can find it on the app marketplace.

You can use Sundae to turn your monday docs into full fledged websites to share KB articles, documentation, reports, meeting notes with customers and business partners. You can build help centers, wikis, blogs and landing pages with a sleek, professional look and with built in full text search, mobile responsiveness and even light/dark mode support. There’s a free plan available as well!

We eat our own dog food, so we build Sundae’s documentation and blog using monday docs + Sundae. You can check them out here:


Cool! Can I control whether the site is indexed by Google or protect it so only certain people can view it?


Sundae comes with built in SEO options to help you optimize your position in google searches. However, if you don’t actively index your site (or post links to it in other pages indexed by search engines), your site isn’t likely to be indexed by search engines.

If you’d like to protect your website so that only certain users can view the contents, it’s a feature we have on our roadmap. Can we switch to DM and discuss your requirements? I’m sure we can help!


Wow! Thank you! I’ll write in direct message what we’d like to achieve.


That’s awesome!


This is so cool! I’m going to use it for our blog and help center!

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Interesting. Might give it a try.

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