Creating Workdoc Sharable Links

It would be great to be able to share a view of a Workdoc with stakeholders outside of the same way that we’re able to share a board view link.

My team creates content plans via online docs that need to be reviewed by managers and stakeholders for them to approve and reference, and are currently using Google Docs. These stakeholders don’t need edit access to this documentation and inviting them into our Workspace, even as guests, would be an unnecessary point of friction. Since we’re not able to share a view of a Workdoc via a public link, this documentation is remaining in Google.

The best workaround I can find is to have the team create an Online Docs board view in their creative trackers and link their creative plan Google Docs to that. That accomplishes the goal of pulling the information into for my team’s reference, but it still forces us to maintain a workflow outside of, when the goal is for those processes to be entirely within one platform.