How to test my app subscriptions events webhook?

Hi team!
I’m trying to test my server endpoint for my app event webhook (unstall, unistall, app_subscription_trial_created, app_subscription_created, etc…).
I entered my server URL endpoint for the “All events” input, in my app “Manage Webhooks” page.
My question is how can I test this endpoint with a mock webhook that will be sent from monday to my server endpoint? I saw there is mock_subscription that I can use, but how should I use that? where/when it will fire the event to my server? and how should I create this mock? I want to test all kinds of subscription event as I mentioned above and more.
Or maybe there is another way to test those cases without this mock?

Many thanks in advanced! :slight_smile:

Hello there @Baruhshmil,

You can go to the “share” tab of your app’s configuration page and share a link to install your app. Whenever someone does so and your app is installed, you will receive a webhook with the event “install”. The same will happen when someone uninstalls with the “uninstall” event.

You can also check our article here explaining how to set the mock subscription :grin:

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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