How to update multiple-person column. Please, give me example for the CURL

IN the output
“{"query":"query { boards (ids: 2211958476) {owner{ id } columns { id title type }}}"}”

I have one of the column {
“id”: “people”,
“title”: “CD”,
“type”: “multiple-person”
with type “multiple-person”

I need example how to write update this column [cURL Examples for API] like as examples on the (cURL Examples for API v2 :))

I want to receive ids

But when I requested

{“query”: “query { items_by_multiple_column_values (board_id: 2211958476, column_id:"people", column_values:["Olga Semenova", "Inna Kaminska"]) { id name }}”}

I received

“data”: {
“account_id”: 5637878

What is wrong?