Hubspot Integration deal phase

Hi Guys,

i want to create a sales-dashboard that uses an integration with Hubspot.

In detail: i want the deal to be created in whenever the Deal in Hubspot hits a specific phase. I then want to display this on a sales-dashboard in monday. The goal of this, is to highlight new sales during the day.

The three existing integrations can’t filter a certain deal phase. Did i miss something?

Thanks in advance!

@Mathieu Nice to meet you,

From the sounds of your request it should be fairly straight forward to accomplish with a custom integration.

If you are interested my team can whip this up in a couple of days. Feel free to reach out to me directly at jack@kubicek,net

Thanks, but no need, i built it by myself in 30 minutes.

All you need to do (in my case) is to link Hubspot with monday in Zapier and focus the trigger on the specific deal phase…

To be honest this is the kind of answer i was looking here for. Every third answer i find in this forum is some third party service trying to sell their services. It surely is useful for some cases, but it kind of ruins the integrity of this forum, when it is sth. you can just easily fix by yourself.



Glad to hear you were able to implement a simple fix.

In terms of forum integrity,’s forums have helped me solve more complex problems and progress my workflow astronomically.

In the future if you are looking for a more technical response I would recommend posting in the app development category. A lot of bright thinkers over on that side. My apologizes for not understanding your needs.

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