HubSpot Integration - Full sync for custom fields

I love the and Hubspot integration - just what I have been looking for.

What I really need is for custom fields (in a deal) to achieve a full and dynamic sync (like native HubSpot fields) - is there any chance of this happening? Without having to pay for Zapier, I would like to update a custom field on a deal and see it update in a Monday task. This will allow us to use automations much more effectively.

Hi @mchannell777 , I wish this was the case, but right now it feel likes custom fields are not supported.

Zapier might be your best choice at the moment.

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Hi Zaki,

I would have to agree :slight_smile:

Definitely something that I think would add a lot of value for Hubspot/Monday users. I will look to Zapier for the functionality and keep my fingers crossed for a deeper integration with HubSpot.

It would also be great if we could create Monday items based on more detailed criteria i.e., ‘Create a Monday item if Hubspot Deal is created in X pipeline’ or ‘Create a Monday item if Hubspot Deal is created in X pipeline and deal stage changes to X’. But that’s for another ticket :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Hello @mchannell777

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Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks

Hey @mchannell777

Welcome to the community! With the Custom Property option in, you can create custom fields within HubSpot and manage your processes. Once you create custom fields, it becomes visible on every contact record in both HubSpot and monday CRM. Generating custom properties is key to personalizing the CRM and fulfilling unique business needs.

If you’re looking to create custom fields in monday CRM and HubSpot, hire experts from a skilled consulting company. These consultants apply the mapping User Interface technique and build appropriate field types for your needs, such as multi-line text, single-line text, number, or date.

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