HubSpot Ticket integration directly with (no 3rd party apps)

Currently HubSpot offers some HubSpot integrations, but far to limited.
One thing I would like to see is for example ‘tickets’.
I am aware there are 3rd parties who offer this like Zapier, but I would prefer not to use those.

Just seconding this ticket,

Being able to natively sync non ‘basic’ columns beyond:

Supported fields (for Company) for full sync:

  • Company Domain Name
  • Name
    Supported Fields (for Deal) for full sync:
  • Deal name
  • Pipeline
  • Deal Stage
  • Amount
  • Close Date
  • Deal Owner -This will be mapped as the owner ID from Hubspot (not the owner name)

to include any field or just specifically including customs fields would be great.

“next step” would be great, or some multi-purpose multiline text field that could be repurposed would do for mvp for us.

This is very important to our internal workflows here.