Integrating Hubspot to Using zapier

Recently integrated Hubspot to , unfortunately the column with multiple item , when you connect hubspot to directly , it picks the first choice.
Has one experienced this and how did you resolve this
I was advised to explore using Zapier , how does this work
some please help

Hello @EuniceNM!

Thanks for reaching out!

I am curious about the column you say gets populated with the first available option. I have a few questions about this:

  1. Which kind of column is this? (Maybe a dropdown or tag column?)
  2. Which piece of information from Hubspot are you connecting to that column? Is there a chance that the information coming from Hubspot matches that option that is being populated in the board?

I ask this questions so I have a better understanding of the context and with that I can better assist you.

Regarding Zapier, I found this information that I think could be of use to you in case you want to learn a bit more about it:

Looking forward to hearing from you again!


Thanks, Matias for reaching out.
I used excel to upload data, all columns were converted to text format , once i change a specific column to dropdown which is the field of my interest only the first option within the column is highlighted.
hope this helps
Kind regards,

Hello again!

I understand now. Thank you for sharing that information and giving me a better context of the situation.

I believe in this case, the best course of action here is for you to contact as they will be best able to help regarding the import of information and the integration.

I hope you can solve your issue that way!

All the best,