I am trying to compare dates to decide if an item is on time or late

I have two date fields - due date and delivered date. I am trying to compare them and if the delivered date is BEFORE the due date, return YES, if it is AFTER the due date, deliver NO.

this is the formula iI am using based on other threads here but it does not work. It returns NO if any date is in the Brief Due Date field. If it is blank it returns Yes. I’m stumped.

If(FORMAT_DATE({Brief Finished Date},“YYYY-MM-DD”)<FORMAT_DATE({Brief Due Date},“YYYY-MM-DD”),“Yes”,“NO”)

Hi @gsorce,

I can appreciate the detail of the formula however the monday formulas are a bit different. You can try something like this that will accomplish the same goal and allow for the best results:

IF({Published Date}>{Planned Publish Date},“Late”,“On Time”)

This will produce LATE if the Published Date column is greater that Planned Date column. Any other scenario will show On Time.

Hope this helps!

Mike B
Automation Architect

I should have specified - I did try that but it produces “On Time” fro every instance -
If({Brief Finished Date}<{Brief Due Date},“On Time”,“Late”)

The one i am looking at has a brief finished date of 10/17 and a due date in July, but this formula returns “on time”. I added the formatting based on answers to similar questions in this forum that indicated formatting yyyy-mm-dd was necessary for the formula to work, but that did not solve my problem, unfortunately.

I’m stumped because it seems like this should work perfectly! It’s not a hard thing i’m trying to do :smile:


I may see the issue.

If the above formula you copied into this comment is the one you are using, I can see why everything is coming back on time.

The < you have pointed like seen should be pointed the other way like seen here >.

Try that first and let us know. As long as the columns are truly date columns, this should work.

Mike B
Automation Architect

Hi Gretchen,


IF({Brief Finish Date}="", "", IF({Brief Finish Date}<={Brief Due Date},"On Time", "Late"))

It should work:

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