Conditional Formula

Hi, I am trying to create a formula that will update the status for orders if they are overdue, however some orders have a revised delivery date which is an entry in another column to which I want the formula to refer if it has been filled and to use the original delivery date if it has been left blank.

Currently I have it working for the original delivery date using “IF({Actual Del. Date}>{Desired Del. Date}, “Late”, “On-Time”)”. I would like to have this remain functionally the same but to first check the column “Rev. Del. Date” and to use that instead of “Actual Del. Date” if a date has been entered.

Is this possible and if so how would I implement it?

Thanks all.

Hi @tgtadley,

If I understood it correctly, try:

IF({Rev. Del. Date}="",
   IF({Actual Del. Date}>{Desired Del. Date}, "Late", "On-Time"),
      IF({Rev. Del. Date}>{Desired Del. Date}, "Late", "On-Time")
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Hi @GCavin thanks for your reply,

This wasn’t quite the behaviour I was looking for but I modified the solution you gave me and it now seems to work.

IF({Rev. Del. Date}=“”,
IF({Actual Del. Date}>{Desired Del. Date}, “Late”, “On-Time”),
IF({Actual Del. Date}>{Rev. Del. Date}, “Late”, “On-Time”)

Thanks very much for your help!