I cannot have more than one mirrored column even though I am connecting to a board in two different columns?

I have a board for loans. The borrowers are set up in the Accounts board. A loan can have a borrower and a co-borrower.

I set up a Borrower column and connect it to the Accounts board, and then I can mirror in other info from the account (address, etc.)

Then I set up a Co-Borrower column and connect it to the Accounts board. I can select a different Account. But I cannot create a mirror column on Address on Co-Borrower because (it appears) that since I mirrored Address in the Borrower column, it will not let me mirror it for the Co-Borrower column, even though it is a different Account. Is this correct? Why would it only allow it to be mirrored once?

Hi @jdenicola - are you utilizing two connect board columns or only one? If you could provide some screenshots to add context it would be helpful.


Strange - I deleted the second Connected column and re-created it and now it seems to be working as expected. I will reply again if I see this.