Mirror column linked to a mirror column


I have a board that has connect fields. One of the mirror column links to a mirror column. Why is it not showing the data when I click on it.



When I click on the above number it should show details of the PO (like it does in the originating board) but it doesn’t it just shows the number:


I would expect it to show as it does on the originating board which is:

Thank you

hi @MaxLogic_Lisa

You can’t mirror a mirror column, it is not supported.


Thank you for the quick response.

I do not get the error message that you get.
Monday lets me pick the column to be mirrored.

Is what I am doing different?


Don’t know what you are doing different, but mirroring a mirror column is just not supported. You can have two board showing a mirror to the same column on a third board however.

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