How to mirror columns for linked items in different boards at the same time?

I have two boards: High Level A and normal Board B.

I want to mirror a status column from normal Board B to High Level A, and a number column from High Level A to Board B at the same time.

Is there a way to do this?


Hi @Norawat - this can be easily accomplished with the connect board column.

Create a new column of type “connect boards”:


Select the board you would like to connect to and make sure you select “Add a column to the connected board as well”


Then choose Mirror data from board and choose the column you wish to show.


Then on the other board, create a new column of type mirror:

image and click link when prompted:


From there select the newly created connect boards column (created in the first step) and then select which columns from the other board you would like to mirror.

Easy peasy :slight_smile:


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Oh, you are absolutely right!
I forgot I can use mirror function in another board.
Thank you

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