I don't get all my columns with GraphQl query!

I’m new to GraphQl
I have executed this query
“{boards (limit:200){id board_kind board_folder_id name state pos description groups{id title} items{ id name creator{ id name enabled email is_guest is_view_only is_pending} created_at creator_id updated_at group{ id title} column_values{ id type title text value} } } }”

and I have a response with columns less than what I have, I don’t understand why?
this is the response (6 columns on “column_values”)

“name”:“Bla Bla Bla”,
“creator”:{“id”:1***,“name”:“Foulen Fouleni”,“enabled”:true,“email”:“ff @ff.com”,“is_guest”:false,“is_view_only”:false,“is_pending”:false},
“created_at”:“2020-06-27 15:17:17 UTC”,
“updated_at”:“2020-08-27 09:30:29 UTC”,
“group”:{“id”:“nouveau_groupe”,“title”:“Group title”},
{“id”:"_ch_ances",“type”:“timerange”,“title”:“Timeline”,“text”:“2020-04-30 - 2020-12-31”,“value”:"{“from”:“2020-04-30”,“to”:“2020-12-31”,“changed_at”:“2020-10-27T09:30:24.781Z”}"},

And this is what I have on Monday (9 columns)

Is there an explanation of that?

Hey Okba! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Can you please confirm that the board in the screenshot is the same board returned by the API? I noticed you’re returning 200 boards with that query, so I want to first verify we’re looking at the same information.