I need some formula help

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First off all apologie if this is not the right space for this question, if so let me know where to reallocate.

I am trying to create a formula where when three status columns meet a certain condition, The formula Column shows a Star for completion.

I have used the basic formula from the IF formula and have come up with this:

IF({Business Plan},{Commitment C Level},{Apple Vendor Business Mgr}=“Done”,“:star:”,“Not yet…”)

But it doesn’t work. First of all it is the 2nd part "{Commitment C Level}, that is setting off the formula and it should be when all three are set to done the Star should show.

Hope somebody can help.



Try this:
IF(AND({Business Plan} = "Done", {Commitment C Level} = "Done", {Apple Vendor Business Mgr} = "Done"), "⭐", "Not yet…")

And that is why Mr Correll, your are a Community Expert! Thank you so much!

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