I want to create a formula that shows the later of two dates

Hey there, first post! I am trying to write a formula that choses the later of two dates. Date 1 is always present. Date 2 may be blank so it should give me Date 1. Date 2 may be later than Date 1 so I want it to show date 2.

I cant use the MAX function since it will only return numbers.


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Try this:
FORMAT_DATE(IF(AND({Date 2}, FORMAT_DATE({Date 1}, "YYYY-MM-DD") < FORMAT_DATE({Date 2}, "YYYY-MM-DD")), {Date 2}, {Date 1}))

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YES! This is exactly what I needed and worked perfectly! Thank you so much!

Only to realize I can’t use this Date as a Date anywhere else in Monday. Like a timeline view…hopefully this will get addressed, but at least I have the dates I need for reporting