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Looking to create a formula on two columns “Visit 1” + “Visit 2” to determine the last visit. If Visit 2 is blank the formula should show Visit 1 date. If both cells are blank it would return “no date set”.
There doesn’t seem to be an IFBLANK function (as in Excel) in Any ideas?
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I think you should ask if visit2 = “”

Thanks @hlopezvc. I now have this working.

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Hey @JS_CIC! Welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Happy to hear you got the formula working - would you mind sending it over? Would love to take a look!


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Hi Brett,
Here’s the formula I’m using. returns a blank when it finds empty cells for both queries, ie no date has been assigned for visit 1 or 2:
FORMAT_DATE(IF({Date: Extn Attempt 2}="",{Date: Extn attempt 1},{Date: Extn Attempt 2}),“DD-MMM-YYYY, ddd”)

Amazing! Thank you so much for sending that over!