IF statements starting with a NULL query

I am trying to use an IF statement to calculate months between multiple dates where the first TRUE result is dependant upon a date field being NULL as below

IF({Collection Date}=“”,(DAYS({Contract End Date},{Contract Start Date})/36512),(DAYS({Collection Date},{Contract Start Date})/36512))

It works for the FALSE result but the TRUE result is showing an error.

I have tried “” NULL ISBLANK ISNULL but none of these Functions work, any ideas?


I Gareth, Hope all is well, I have done a slight change to the formula to get the False & True number returning based of you original formula
Note you can swap Workdays for days if needed

Hope this gives the solution you needed
Many thanks in advance Dan
If you need to reach-out further then please give me a shout

IF({Collection Date}=“”,WORKDAYS({Contract End Date},{Contract Start Date}),WORKDAYS({Collection Date},{Contract Start Date}))/36512

Thank you, it didn’t work in this way but when I exchanged WORKDAYS to DAYS it did.


Many thanks for confirming Gareth
Happy I could help
Best regards Dan

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