I'm looking for way to create a more complex status menu - with dependency-choices style


In our organization, we are in great need for a more complex cell choices.
The problem is that the list of choices will be very long if we would enter them all, so I’m looking for a way to simplify it.
The best would be something that would look like Windows right click context menu, that once you hoover with the mouse on some choice, it would bring another set of choices.

Off course we don’t mind to use some add-on app to create it, if you know anything that does this.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Hey Liran!

To clarify, are you looking for a way to have conditional status labels? Like if you click “stuck”, then another option pops up?

I’d love to hear about your use case to see what kind of workflow you need to achieve and see if there is a workaround we can suggest.

You can use conditional questions like this in our forms! Would this work for what you need?

Also, if it helps to reduce the time it takes to enter the list of choices, the Dropdown Column allows you to copy paste a list into the column to create individual choices.

More info here: The Dropdown Column > Copy/paste to the dropdown column

Let me know if any of these ideas could work!

Hi, And thanks for your help.

For example, we need to choose “Audience type” for post filtering data, and we have tens of options to choose from. We wanted a way to categorize these choices in groups, so for example when I click the column “Audience”, there will be big groups like organizations names, institutions, and countries, and once we choose one of them there will be names of many embassies and preparatory programs, and then inside each of them there will be more options to choose from. As I’ve said, there are tens of choices and we can’t list all of them in one menu cause it will be very cumbersomeץ
Only creators of an event are filling those details, so filling forms not going to help here.

Do you know of any workaround or an app that can do that?

Thank you !

Hey @Lustig

Welcome to the community! To create and select multiple cell choices, using the Dropdown option is ideal. This option offers you a large variety of cells and columns that can be customized and incorporated within your board. By using the People Column, you can assign each cell/column to a particular team member or team. This allows you to visually understand who is responsible for what and provide ownership of tasks to your workers.

If you’re looking to create complex cells and manage processes effectively, hire experts from a monday.com consulting company. They can create, prioritize, and categorize sheets based on your business needs.

I’ve tried to clarify what you have asked.
Have you seen my answer? we do still looking for a solution.