Import into Dropdown Columns

It would be immensely helpful to be able to import from Excel into dropdown columns. While upon first board setup you can import into a text column and then convert it to dropdown, that is not useful for the need to import repeatedly into an existing board. The lack of ability to do so has affected our board design in both CRM and in some of our Work Management boards.

In CRM we will want to feed chunks of leads in on an ongoing basis in the future, and thus cannot use the Dropdown column even though it would be the most applicable column type to use for certain data. Instead we will have to use a text column, which then will not keep the data as standarized as would be helpful, and will require more manual hygiene review.

An additional note on this topic. While I mention CRM, that is because it is the place most hampering our design at the moment. However, we have already had to establish work arounds in Work Management also, and I believe it would be equally useful to be able to import into Dropdown columns in Work Management also.

As a certified Professional Services Implementor, this feature becomes necessary when importing historical data into boards with dropdown columns. I hope that provides this capability soon!
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Exactly @sescott this is a real pain point where my org continues to struggle. I continue to have to design boards around this. Glad to see you weigh in, hopefully we can get some monday attention on this.

Hello @sescott and @hbristol,
Currently, you can do this using the Toolkit app.
Basically involves copying and pasting into the app. The app will handle the rest.


@kolaai interesting, thanks for the tip! I will check it out further.
I will still continue to make a plug for monday to add this ability directly into monday itself though. :wink:

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Thanks - good to know!