How to Import CRM data with automatical filling of related columns (company/contacts/deals)

Coming with my data from another CRM, I wonder how to automatically create relation between companies 7 contacts and deals. I get the idea of linked columns across these items, and I understand how to manually set the relation. But how can I import data with automatically relating the items to another? Otherwise import and needed rework will take days… Ideas more than welcome, thanks a lot.

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At the moment it’s not possible to import into the link to item column. I’m afraid this isn’t supported by our import feature at present.

That said, we do have automations that will allow you to automatically link one item to another. In particular you may find it useful to link these items when the item is created (i.e. at the point of importing them).

This would just require both boards to have some matching information - for example the company name.
Do you think this could work for you?

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Dear Dani,

thank you for following up, yes, resolved.
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