Important features I've been noting about automations, and columns

  1. Emails & activities to track email opening rates even when sending from an external email software like MailChimp.

  2. Automations recipes

  • Reorder automations recipes/lines.

  • Import/export automations among boards, just like they get duplicated when duplicating boards and get adjusted to the duplicate.

  • When editing the automations, to be able to add conditions within, or add an action to be taken, as in the picture, you can only edit the pre-set structure of the automation, can’t add or remove actions/triggers.

  1. Columns
  • Automatically reposition columns, not having to drag it through all over the board (imagine a board with hundreds of columns.

  • To be able to count columns just like we count the rows with auto number column.

Hope to see them all in execution soon!