Inactive 'Add To Board' button

I have created an integration by following the Slack integration example for my app. The integration correctly gets the data needed by the server but the ‘Add To Board’ remains disabled even though all the necessary fields are filled. This happens for a particular recipe, that is, ‘When an item is created,…’. However, for a different recipe, ‘When an update is created,…’ the ‘Add To Board’ button becomes active. What may be wrong?

Inactive button

Active button

Hi @kolaai!

Hmm strange. Do you see any error messages at the top? Or is the button simply greyed out with no error message?

What happens if you try to set up the integration in an incognito window in the most updated version of Chrome? Or any other web browser?

Let me know! Happy to continue digging into this with you.

There are no error messages at the top. Also I have tried in incognito in the latest Chrome browser but to no avail. The button is simply greyed out with no error message

Hi @kolaai,

Hmm strange. This sounds a bit bug-y to me.

If you want to write into, let’s see if we can set up a screenshare session to walk through this issue together.


Sure. No problem.

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Hi all,

For future readers, @kolaai was able to resolve his own issue by removing some unnecessary fields in his custom action block configuration!

Typically, in instances such as these, the problem is that you have set up a custom action field whose configuration is set to “Recipe sentence,” yet your recipe sentence does not have a place to reference the field.

Marking this closed as now, but definitely a good thing to doublecheck should you run into this issue!

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