Include [Auto Number] column in the [Mirror] column mapping

We have created a board that lists projects which are grouped by department. The department heads order their projects within their group to set their department’s project priority. We added the [Auto Number] column and set its scope to GROUP to create a numerical priority of 1 to n for each department’s group of projects. However, when we attempted to add the [Auto Number] column as a [Mirror] column on our master project backlog board, we discovered that the [Auto Number] column is not available.

If we were able to display the mirrored auto number column on our master project backlog board, we could easily see each department’s priority as we prioritize our master project backlog. This would help to ensure we are prioritizing the various department’s highest priority projects.

It seems that adding the [Auto Number] column into the [Mirror] column mapping would facilitate this need.

hi @tpayton

Welcome to the community! The AutoNumber column is a frontend column (the number is generated in your browser / client) and there is no way an app or even monday itself to read the column contents. As an alternative you can use the app AutoID Column that generates ID’s in a normal text column. The ID’s generated by this app will always stick to the items, where the Auto Number column changes when you re-order the items within the board / group.

Thanks for the explanation as to how the AutoNumber column works @basdebruin. We are seeking a solution that would allow users to reorder rows with a group and those rows be assigned a unique number based on the position within the group (row 1 gets a 1, row 10 gets a 10…and if they move row 10 to row 1, it gets assigned a 1 and what was row 1, now 2, gets assigned a 2, with a cascading effect to the other rows beneath). That is how the AutoNumber field behaves, but we are seeking a solution that additionally allows us to see that column on another board. I took a look at the AutoID column you suggested, however that column generates a static ID which, unfortunately, does not address our need. I appreciate the suggestion though.