Automated Numbering for projects

Curious if there is an option to add an automated numbering system to each job we add? Our old database would create the next “job number” then we would fill in information for that project and use the job number to save our files ect.

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Hello, you are looking for something like this?

this is a pending request i have sended to monday

Been looking into this myself. There is an auto-number column which will give you a sequential number list. You can add a prefix if required.

Thank you…I will see if that works!

Hey @BMoser @streety take care with this column,
if you see my previous post, you will find that this columns has some problems

In common sense, if you want to assign an number for your Project, i think you will like for this number to “stay” with the project and never change. Well depending on how you sort, or change the pulse or project from group this number will change… so for example if you think project nro.1 is autonumbered as 1, and you change it from folder, this number will change too.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company, and trazability is key, we cant loose a identification number asigned to a certain task, and have it automatically changed for monday.