Include trigger source in Workflow triggers (eg. AppId, UserId)

At the moment, it is not possible to know who or what triggered an action or integration.
This is causing automations and integrations either to run twice or result in a recursion.
For example, say an app is triggered on a timeline column change and then the app updates the timeline column. Since there is no way to know who triggered the action, this will result in a recursion because the column will keep on changing.

An alternative solution is to have a checkbox in the Workflow Blocks page which can be toggled on whether or not an app should be triggered by itself. By default this should be false because in most cases, apps wouldn’t want to be triggered again by their own actions rather by an action by a user or another app.

The first suggestion might be better because it can allow apps to filter based on certain rules. For example, permissions for which users the app should run.

Hi @kolaai,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. If I understand correctly, it sounds like there’s a loop of actions that happen as a result of actions triggered by your application, right?

I also think the ability to choose what actions can be triggered by your app would be helpful in this case. I’ll bring this feedback to the development team.

Thanks again for your input!

Hello @alessandra,
Thank you for response.

The workaround you suggested wouldn’t work in this case because, the app has to update the date or timeline, which of course then creates a loop

Hello @kolaai,

Thank you for the feedback about the proposed workaround.

We have shared that as well in the request we opened to include trigger sources :slightly_smiling_face: