Integration for QuickBooks

Hey Monday Champions! :star2:

Exciting news just dropped: you can now Create, Track & Manage QuickBooks records DIRECTLY in! :rocket:

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:clock3: Save Time: Say goodbye to manual tasks! Automate and streamline your processes, saving you hours every week.

:brain: Work Smarter: Enter data once and forget about double entry. Work in one place, and let our integration do the rest.

:dart: Maximize Data Quality: No more worries about data mismatches. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re in QuickBooks or!

:hammer_and_wrench: Key Features:

  • Invoices: Quickly create, view, and edit invoices. Build dashboard widgets based on live invoice data!

  • Customers: Manage customer info effortlessly. Create, view, and edit customer data points seamlessly.

  • Automations: AutoCreate Individual and recurring invoices, and sync changes instantly between QuickBooks and!

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