Interested in a New York in-person community event?

We want to start to have in person events and want to see the interest from our community.

First up, New York! Would you be interested in attending an event with other community members in December 2023?! Let us know in the poll below and comment with any additional recommendations :slight_smile:

  • Yes please!
  • I would love to attend a community event, but do not live near NYC (comment your city below!)
  • Not interested in in-person event
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Looking forward to meeting everyone in person!

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Would love to if you had one in Texas.

Houston TX is my location!


Georgia or Florida - currently in the middle of a cross-state move, but either state is accessible to me.

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I would like to attend an in-person event. I live in the Bay area, California. San Francisco, San Jose or Seattle would be accessible to me.

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Would love to have an even in Kansas City!

Georgia would be awesome, or any neighboring states

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Anywhere near Kentucky like Louisville, Chicago or Nashville!

Anywhere in Ohio

How about an event downunder in Melbourne, Australia?

Midwest (Indianapolis), USA

Hi Verena - you’re in luck, we will have a monday community event in Melbourne on 20 Sept - here is the link monday in town: Melbourne

Awesome! Thank you @Ania. May I ask what will be covered during this event?

Hey everyone!!

Thanks for voting! We are launching off having in-person events and first off is NYC! If you live near near NYC or area around December 5th, you are invited to NYC offices for an evening of networking, product discussions and sneak peeks!

Are you able to join us? If the answer is yes, please fill out this form!

Hope to meet you there!

I attended the event, was well worth the time and money!

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So happy to hear! Which parts were most valuable to you?

We hope to have many more meetups in the future :slight_smile: