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Hello Community, is there a way to restrict who submits a form by email domain? For example, only users who have a or would be able to submit a form.

Hey Sergio!

I am afraid it isn’t possible to restrict form submissions by domain at this time. This is a great feature request however, so please feel free to submit this as a feature request to get more eyes and votes on it :rocket:

Hi Bianca, thank you for your response and I appreciate the feedback. I’ll submit the feature request as recommended.

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Hi @SurgeJ :wave:

As a potential stop-gap for the meantime, if the form is purely internal, I would recommend not sharing the form link as such, and guiding your team to use the ‘New Item’ button to make a new item via form.

When in the form settings, check the box to nominate internal use:

This will allow creation here:

You would still be able to complete the form if you had the link, but this would reduce that occurrence significantly. You can also go one further and lock submissions to account holders here if applicable for you:

Hope that helps!
:slight_smile: Peta | upstream

Hi Peta, thank you for this workaround. I appreciate the insight.