Internal Guests with same domain email: HUGE problem for higher ed

In higher ed, all of our customers are internal, especially at a very large university like ours. We cannot afford to buy a regular license for every internal client. Our marketing and strategic communications team serves the entire college. I am so confused by this bizarre approach. Has anyone rethought this over the last several years that this seems to have been brought up in the community (from my searching)?

We experience the same issue with so many potential users across the community. It adds up to a very expensive exercise quickly and we simply can’t afford to scale up the product too much. An enterprise licence that is based on a different measure rather than per user would make more sense for our use case - as happens for other large systems we implement (we don’t pay per user for our ERP systems). It is strange there is not even a sliding scale for billing that can apply as you increase user numbers.

I have made this suggestion which would assist us somewhat as we have a very large cohort who only need to update items on boards. If you agree you might like to upvote it: