Introduce webhook for column deletion

We currently store metadata of board columns from in our local database to minimize the frequency of API requests. This strategy works well for most part, but we face challenges in distinguishing between columns that have been deleted and those that are simply restricted for certain users. The existing API does not provide explicit information to differentiate these scenarios.

To resolve this ambiguity and enhance our application’s efficiency, we propose the introduction of a new webhook event named delete_column. This webhook would trigger notifications whenever a column is deleted from a board, thereby providing direct and clear updates about column status changes. This enhancement would not only streamline our processes but also prevent the accumulation of outdated or incorrect metadata in our system.

This feature could also provide broader benefits to the community, particularly in scenarios where precise and timely column management is crucial. A dedicated webhook for column deletion would allow developers to manage resources more effectively and maintain system integrity.

Please vote for this feature if you also find it beneficial for your use cases.

Thank you for considering this enhancement.

Thank you for the request @wesolowp !