Introducing an Impactful Feature to Boost App Installations

:loudspeaker:We are thrilled to unveil a new feature that will take your marketplace apps to the next level. Say hello to the Demo Experience! :rocket:

What is the Demo Experience?

The Demo Experience is a powerful tool that enables you to create immersive demo environments for your marketplace apps.
This game-changing capability allows potential users to get a hands-on experience of the core functionalities of your app without the hassle of installation, admin approval, or granting access to account data.

What value Deme experience can give you

:mag_right: A Seamless App Exploration: With the Demo Experience, users can try out your app safely and securely, ensuring they find the right fit right away.

:clock1: Reduced Time to Value: The Demo Experience greatly accelerates the decision-making process, allowing users to experience firsthand the benefits of your app and increasing the chances of them becoming long-term users.

:rightwards_hand: Enhanced Decision Making: By providing users with a real-life experience of your app, they can make more informed decisions about its relevance to their specific needs.

:white_check_mark: Streamlined Approval Process: Allows users to present a solid case to their administrators, making the approval and installation process smoother than ever before.
We believe that this feature will revolutionize the way users interact with marketplace apps, providing an immersive experience that will drive them to install and use the app.

Next steps:
Here is our suggested implementation strategy!

  1. Watch @dipro video and/or read the documentation to get all the details you need (ETA- 10 minutes).
  2. Set a time for you and your team to brainstorm on the most effective way to showcase your app value (in the shortest time to value) using a demo experience.
  3. Implement the demo experience technically for your app (ETA differ between apps).

Excited to see your demo’s experience :blush:


Amazing work, this one is a real game changer!

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Really excited about this capability! We expect it to offer a smoother experience for users looking to try an app before installing. Looking forward to see implementations of it.

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Can’t wait to see developers start using this feature!

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Wow! Looks really amazing, looking forward to see how it impacts the marketplace experience

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This is so awesome!
Can’t wait to see the cool demos developers are going to build!

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If only the JWTs included a designation it was a demo environment so we could skip subscription checks, and usage quota checks that require database records - since install webhooks provision that stuff first, and demo doesn’t send those. :wink:


@codyfrisch – totally understand. I know your app is more sophisticated and needs this, but for simpler apps it’s already usable.

For anyone having the same issue as Cody - please vote on the feature request for it here!

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Voted :slight_smile:.

We keep track on accountIds when starting the app in trial mode (in the customers account). The license check we do require an entry in this purchase table (local database) and the entry is added on app lifecycle webhooks. We can’t use this fantastic feature if we don’t receive a lifecycle webhook that shows it comes from the sandbox environment.

Alternatively, if the shortLivedToken contains a fixed accountId (e.g. 0) we can work around this.


Exactly, something we know when the event arrives, its from a demo, and then we can skip the license checks etc.

I think this is far better than having a different demo install lifecycle webhook - thats going to take a lot more to work around rather than just pass it through as a trial if its that fixed account ID or some other flag.


Has anyone implemented the demo experience yet? We’d love to hear all about your experience so far! :slight_smile:

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